Sunday, April 19, 2009

had something to say

...but forgot it

thought i might just share this though:

i have come to realise that my "blog" has turned into a commentary of my friends.
this is them at their
this is why in 50 years time we're still gonna dance to New Zealanders singing in french.

had a bad day? find a friend. walk up to a resivour close to your house and talk. talking is always suprisingly good. also the walk is good for your health.

childhood memory: seeing stellenbosch autumn leaves for the first time. it was like walking onto a fairy tale.

when i was youger I never spoke. consider me the shy child. but i saw everything. i remember deatails.


  1. "love my friends"

    re-follow me on my blog! it's weird having a faceless follower!

  2. 1) my room!!

    2) "this is them at their" ...?
    their what?

    3) baguette! huh huh huh, baguette!

  3. it did say "this is them at their best"
    but somehow i lost the word best. and when i try edit the blog it doesn't want to upload the photo again