Sunday, September 30, 2012

something, somewhere, sometime.

A song to finish off the month of September. 

Sometimes I feel like an arrow

fighting something, somewhere long ago
Whether it moved or I missed or where I'm bound,
I don't yet know.
If you see me coming,
I'll probably pass you by
on my way to something, somewhere, sometime.

Sometimes I find myself reeling

twisting and rolling 
in a plastic sea. 
There's signs and signals
bidding for attention from me.

So turn on your sleigh

I will turn on mine
and we'll hum and glow
like something, somewhere, sometime.

And if I've wounded you, I'm sorry.

I had good intentions
If I've wounded you
I'm sorry
it happens all the time.

You remind me of a reason

had by someone so many years ago
some words through wise
build highways from coast to coast

but those words fell short

your roads have worn with time
on our way to something somewhere sometime

And if I've wounded you, I'm sorry

I had good intentions
If I wounded you
I'm sorry 
it happens all the time.

Sometimes I feel like an arrow,

fighting something, somewhere long ago

Thursday, September 27, 2012

a jolly evening it shall be.

I cannot wait to see these guys live
It will be a jolly evening when it does actually happen
but in the mean time. I'm loving their new music video, and listening to Youth De Freitas almost on repeat.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

buttered toast

happiness is made of, just the basics in life; family, friends, food.

With a weekend full of activities and adventures I learnt a few valuable lessons, those lessons you learn once in a while and hope you don’t forget but as sure as sunshine you do.
  • ·   Firstly, every female needs a good pair of black heels; don’t buy them for an occasion, but them for you.
  • ·   Secondly, no matter what, in any situation or moment, having to counteract an argument or reply to a simple statement, be a lady. Be graceful, honest and for the love of buttered toast, think before you speak.
  • ·   Next, although your siblings have known you for the longest time, since birth, they don’t always know you. Sometimes your siblings don’t know what’s best.
  • ·   You don’t need to be everyone’s cup of tea.

·         Simplicity is key, to most things in life.