Tuesday, December 11, 2012

pre-holiday adventure

Holidays are almost here for me, so for a pre-holiday build up we went on a little adventure yesterday.

I've realised that under the guidance of my mother and being able to call the Winelands my home I've grown to love wine. Three years ago I would've turned my nose up most wine but no longer. I now appreciate it and I'm learning more every day. 

We started off at Tokara, headed to Vrede en Lust detoured to Franschhoek for an attempted chocolate tasting but ended up walking along the street, after that we headed back to Glenn Carlou.

Highlights of the day for me were talking about wine the whole day, olives at Tokara, lint chocolate at Vrede en Lust, the scent of lavender just before Franschhoek and the view from Glenn Carlou. As well as the general laughter and happiness of the day.

branches from the "tree" at Tokara
Tokara's  many wines
View from Glenn Carlou

I need to start a piggy bank just for wine tasting days. 

Monday, November 26, 2012


Dear People Who Read My Blog

I apologise for the lack of content but life is amazingly busy at the moment and I'm enjoying it.

I'm taking way too few photos but collecting many memories. I'm making grown up big decisions yet spending Sundays on swings. Making food for my family and spending quality time with my cat. Meeting new people with interesting and funny life stories and finally getting to know some people that I've "known" for a while. Work is insane, but it is the silly season and being in the hospitality industry one learns to love this time of year.

so here is a random picture. 

and a link to a song that humbles me

enjoy the sunshine 
stay away from dark alleys 
and smile

Sunday, November 4, 2012

a short one

I've had a wonderful week, despite a lot going one in the "big bad world".

I danced my way into Friday night and ended up on a roof singing songs into the sky. Saturday was work then catching up with a friend who has been a friend for almost 8 years now.

And today has turned into a lovely relaxed Sunday.
So the song for today is one that is quickly becoming a "good faithful" song, whenever it plays I smile and sing along.

It's Simple, Child.

Hope you've all had a decent week and that the weekend is treating you well
play safe

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Suburban War

This weekend was a fun filled one; a father son birthday party and two of my best friend's 21st, on the same evening 20km away from each other.
And I did it all, I think I deserve a self-five, if anything. 

The first 21st last night was my best friend from high school. For 5 years of our lives we were inseparable, our group was a group of 5 who laughed at anything and discovered Arcade Fire together. We disapproved of most school activities yet shouted the loudest at inter schools. We baffled our way through Maths, 1 of us attempted Science and another mastered her way through Art, we all loved Biology, 2 of us bonded during Consumer Studies, another combination of 2 essayed through History while the other 3 flew through Geography.  Now that I think about it the languages were our strong point, 2 of us took French for 2 years but our lack of interest caused us to fail, miserably, but we tried. 3 of the 5 are 1st language Afrikaans but only 1 was brave enough to take the subject, the other 4 slept or mxited our way through Afrikaans 2nd language. We were split into 3 different English classes; went through Shakespeare, Anne Frank, Lord of the Flies, that other book about the horses?, and Jane Austin. We struggled but we indirectly we loved it.  

The second 21st was someone who is currently my sister. I've got 2 older brothers and I've always wanted a sister, and now I have one, she is the joy in many people's lives and she has this amazing skill to bring light into any situation. She is a twin and her other half is currently studying up country so I've become the "step-in" sister. So much joy in one person, I am blessed. 


A song that pops to mind is Arcade Fire - Suburban War 

Let's go for a drive

See the town tonight
There's nothing to do but I'll unwind when I'm with you

This town's so strange
They built it to change
And while we're sleeping all the streets, they rearrange

And my old friends, we were so different then
Before your war against the suburbs began
Before it began

And now the music divides
Us into tribes
You grew your hair so I grew mine
They said the past won't rest
Until we jump the fence and leave it behind

And my old friends, I can remember when
You cut your hair
We never saw you again
Now the cities we live in
Could be distant stars
And I search for you
In every passing car

The nights are warm
Yeah, the nights are warm
I've been living in the shadows of your song
Living in the shadows of your

In the suburbs I, I learned to drive
People told me we would never survive
So grab your mother's keys we leave tonight

You started a war
That you can't win
They keep erasing all the streets we grew up in

Now the music divides
Us into tribes
You choose your side I'll choose my side

All my old friends, they don't know me now
All my old friends, are staring through me now
All my old friends, they don't know me now
All my old friends, they don't know me now

All my old friends, wait


So let us reflect on the past but look forward to the future,
the future may be daunting but oh my golly gosh, it is exciting. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

song of the day

[Over the last few day this little blog hit 1500 views, its growing up slowly but surely, thank you!]

I've written about this man before, I'm almost sure of it. 
I discovered his music about 2 years ago, he has re-entered my life thanks to iTunes shuffle. 
So here it is, Look Up by Bradley Hathaway

I built a house and lived alone inside the woods.

I stayed there as long as I could
Before I saw it was doing me no good. 
He said, "We're all living lives of quiet desperation".
I started to believe him until I looked up at the constellations.
The stars are burning bright,
So bright and bright and far apart.
Pull them together, though,
They created a work of art. 

Look up, look up, look up into the sky, love.
You see that moon shining so high up above us?
It rolls around on account of a bunch of scientific stuff.
I like to think it does just because He loves us.

I left the lonely woods and I moved into the city,
Traded those stately pines for concrete praries.
I didn't have to look up at the stars burning in the night sky;
I saw them burn in the people that were passing by,
Some that are bright and bright and burning happily along,
Others that sadly burned out long ago.

Look up, look up, look up into the sky, love.
You see that moon shining so high up above us?
It rolls around on account of a bunch of scientific stuff.
I like to think it does just because He loves us.

I loved a girl once, never acted like I did
Or told her that I did, because the ones before her
They didn't act very appreciative.
Have you seen her? Do you know her?
She looks so pretty with her hair pulled back.
Tell her that I would if I could
Take all that time I stole from her back,
Put it in a little pine box I made with my own bare hands,
Filled with apologies, love, kisses, second chances.

Look up, look up, look up into the sky, love.
You see that moon shining so high up above us?
It rolls around on account of a bunch of scientific stuff.
I like to think it does just because He loves us.

Hope you all had a pleasant Monday