Monday, February 22, 2010


this weekend was a wonderful weekend masked by my phone being stolen.
it sucked. friday night mystics = lots of people
one of the best mystics evening's i've had in aged then BAM some person had opened my bag and taken my phone

but anyways. saterday was a hot day
i made lunch for my family. it was tastey. night time i went to the movies with my brothers and j
silly movie, had so much poentail but it ended up being lame.
we laughed

sunday was a day with friends
people that never see any more who i miss talking to
i miss familiarity and routine.
when i knew what was going on
but anyways that will return at some point.

my point is that now that my phone is gone i no longer have anything to take photos with
this makes me sad
for ramfest this weekend i want to buy myself a disposable
like with synergy
that was fun.

i'm going to bake something for marijke now


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

excited face

bought my ramfest ticket earlier.
next week is going to entail
  • kidofdoom, johnny foreigner, yesterdays pupil, desmond and the tutus, isochronous, lark, boo, rudementals, tidal waves.
  • not to forget the electro stage : bruce willis, sassqatch, pendulum, niskerone.
oh my goodness i couldnt be happier

Monday, February 15, 2010

nothing much

i am serious when i say that nothing much is happening in my life.

well some things have happened.
my only friend left who was doing nothing with me has left the country to go fend for herself on a kabutz in Israel.
good luck my maggie face. i'm gonna miss being your co pilot.

other than that. i've gotten no where on the job hunt. need to bring out the big boots and really get into it.

things to look forward to:
  • The Revelators, The Lottery Tickets, Pretty Blue Guns, Ashtray Electric, Johnny Foreigner,
    Bruce Willis, Sassquatch ,El Gordo

its all going to be good and wonderful and stuff