Monday, June 18, 2012

new discoveries

Mondays are my off days so they've become me days.
Spent some part of today cleaning and the rest of it putting all my CDs onto my laptop.
And I have a new discovery, Dane Taylor Trio.
I'm trying to remember where I saw them live and got the EP, my best guess is a Thursday Bohemia show but I'm not too sure.
stole this from their facebook page : /

The point is that it's some amazing South African music that I'm excited to hear more of.

also I found 3 rings that I'd lost which makes this a very jolly Monday. 

Have a grand week

[update: 30 minutes after originally posting this I found an old post of mine from when I saw them live: ]

Monday, June 11, 2012

weekend: work, friends, sport

This weekend:
  • Worked Friday.
  • Went to a school friend's 21st.
  • Chit chatted with my best friend from high school till the wee hours of the morning.
  • Got fed the most amazing breakfast by a younger sister. 
  • Went to a market and purchased new goods.
  • Ate myself silly at lunch.
  • Laughed at the Idols Wooden mike contestants.
  • Showed an immense amount of  patriotism while watching the rugby
  • Actually really enjoyed the rugby. 
  • Had an early night, with 7hours of sleep.
  • Worked Sunday
  • Had another amazing lunch.
  • Watched some of the tennis with a cat on my lap. 
  • Watched the Canada F1.
So basically in 3 work this weekend was work, friends, sport.
And I loved it.

new necklace and ring.

Dalla Cia wine. Simply amazing

Lunch on Saturday. 

 tennis with cat on lap