Monday, May 24, 2010

whole new world

[yes the title is a reference to Disney a song that hasn't left my head for the last hour or so]
. and before i start, let me just note that i do not know how to use/work this macbook that i'm typing on. it keeps on zooming in and out and right clicking when i didn't right click. and so on and so on.

the last few days have been fun
long. minimum sleep, but fun.
went to Malmesbusy last friday night to work at a cycle event on saturday morning and afternoon. damn cyclist arrived there at 6am and expected me to make them coffee.
pfft to them and there tight pants and shaven legs.
anyways, then they where off at 7 15 and we had to wait around for them and their supporters to arrive back so that we could serve them.
long day. ended with us watching both rugby matches, stealing the farms cat and driving home.

just as i got home at about 10 45 a friend phoned and asked if i'd please drive him to stellenbosch cause he really wanted to go but did not feel comfortable driving in the state he was in. so ended up driving to stellenbosch. when we got there (a 21st where i knew the people but had planned not to go seeing that i'd worked for the last two days and was in need of sleep) i went in to say hi and happy birthday to the birthday boy.
two and a half hours later i drove home
what an interesting evening. so many conversations with people i didn't know in one night.
really enjoyed it
also had a long chat to a friend about books and what books i should read so went and bought myself two books on sunday. Amsterdam by Ian McEwan, started reading it last night. pretty good. first book i've read in over a month to be honest. not my proudest moment. still trying to figure out what amsterdam has to do with anything, but still got a while to go. the plot only just thickened.
also bought Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder, started reading it a while back at maggie's house. want to read more. will read it next.

[the macbook just did that thing when it zooms in so all the text is really big and i have to scroll across to read from one side of the screen to the next. great.]

moving on
so sunday night my brother dropped me of in cape town cause i'm staying here this week cause we've got training for the world cup 3 days this week so its easlier to be in cape town. Did a short bar tending  course thing today.
was pretty interesting. who'd ever think that i'd be the one who knows all this stuff about alcohol?
its strange

went to inge's birthday thing tonight
was meant to be at waiting room, but when we go there it was closed and inge had written a note on the door saying we must go to zula, went to zula, paid the R40 entrance, turns out they were not there and ended up in neighbourhood. pretty sweet place though.
interesting people again. lots of medic students.
and long, pointless yet interesting conversation with a 28yr old IT consultant.
got a taxi back to the flat. daylight robery if you ask me and now i'm sitting trying to work out how to use this mac.

just got it to zoom out.

oh wells
thats me
not too sure what i'm doing tomorrow
but i'm in cape town with nothing to do. hopefully i find something

Thursday, May 20, 2010

my word

in the beginning if the year i made up my mind that i'm gonna stop going back on my word.
cause i always do
if you've been my friend for long enough you will know
i have let people down. and i hate it.

or rather its more me telling someone i'll be there or organize something and its too much out of the way for me to do so i luss it.

anyways. i had a point when i sat down to write this.
oh ya, its been working. today was the first, that i know of, that i could have gone back on my word but instead i phoned the person and told them i couldn't be there anymore.

i guess this all comes down to honesty
2010 Michelle is an honest Michelle
well i'm working hard at it

further news is that i'm jumping onto the FIFA bandwagon and I've gotten myself a job during the world cup.
Gonna, hopefully, be bar-tendering/ working behind a bar in the VIP lounges/ boxes during the games in Cape Town. Going for a one day training thing next Monday. Which also means i'm gonna be stepping out into the Cape Town world of work. Cape Town is really big and the roads are scary to drive. well at least for me
gonna have to get out of my pond someday and swim in the sea I guess
(i.e: get out of my comfort zone. cause i'm very cozy comfortable at the moment.)

thats me
i think its time for me to buy a new disposable again
i'm in a photo taking mood


Monday, May 17, 2010

long hours

have you ever driven to Bloemfontein from strand/somerset west?
if not, its not for the faint hearted and long legged people.

we left Srand at 20 30 last Wednesday night, 13 hrs and about 5 stops later we were finally in Bloem.
why Bloem?
Limebar (events bar that I work for) were setting up station at the annual Kos en Kuier fees.
anyways we drove through Wednesday night, slowly set up on Thursday, slept, finished buying stock on Friday and opened Friday night.

 Free State people are different
just about everyone is rugby obsessed. it is not a sport, its a lifestyle
and they like their brandy and coke.

We packed up the bar late Saturday night/early Sunday morning
got back to the house where we were staying and slept like a log.
Lleft Bloem Sunday night 20 30 and arrived back home some 12hrs later.

I am forever thankful for : Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver and Balmorhea
50 songs. 3.5hrs and 457.8 MB later I survived the trip now knowing many songs off by heart.
The last time I was totally tacked aback by a band was Brand New in Gr9. They were new, for me, sound and lyrics original and every song i listened to spoke to me where i was at that time
you know what i'm saying?

The band that has hit me now is Mumfords and Sons
I cannot explain how much i love and appreciate their  music
best part of the trip was listening to their song Timshel at about 3 30 this morning
We were somewhere on the road between Bloem and home, the sky was open the stars were bright and I got lost in the song.
it was amazing.

thats me for now

song of the moment:
awake my soul - mumford and son
[In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die

Where you invest your love, you invest your life]

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ek is tuis

yesterday we bought 500 pieces of wood

this means one thing
and one thing only
according to my mom winter has arrived
so from now till august/september our fire will be keeping the house warm

i enjoy winter
known fact

two reasons:
1 - the clothes
2 - our house in winter is home. better said in afrikaans, in winter ek is tuis in my huis.

get it?
the diffrence between "tuis" en "huis"
huis is house
tuis is home. or the feeling of being at home

getting ready for reading, puzzle making, talking, eating and possibly sleeping next to the fire.

[the does blow]