Sunday, October 18, 2009

tonight i realized how little i know.
tonight i realized i miss my friends.
tonight i felt creative but lost it shortly after i started typing the first line.
tonight i realized that in 5 days it will be done.

[photo of the day. well actually of the other day. read the number plate. them laugh out loud]

Sunday, September 6, 2009


this weekend i have:
>gone to an 18th and met new people
>had a conversation with some guy who lives in china
>finished a puzzle
>listened to the rugby on the radio
>started a new puzzle
>watched a really good dvd
>played solitaire on my ipod for over an hour
>taken 'i am bored' contemporary art photos with my phone
>listened to desmond and the tutus enough that i know evey song by heart
>confused my mom by singing in afrikaans (Die Heuwels Fantasties)
>discovered cocorosie's Rainbowarriors and Werewolf
>read a few pages of my history text book
>wasted an afternoon studying for PE/LO exam

i did not:
>watch the rugby
>think about maths paper one, cause it scares me

[picture of the day: people i miss spending time with]
maggie's not in this photo, but i miss her too

Thursday, September 3, 2009

change your mind

last 3 days = lots of writing and one mess up of a batch of fudge
my bad

on monday i was a creature from mars, my job on mars was earth-watching. i sit in my lookout station observing plant earth and its earthlings. was a fun essay to write. after that i wrote an angry, yet helpful letter to the CEO of eskom.
english paper 3 was long, but i was creative. go me

afrikaans paper 3 is not my "thing", i have learnt. it sucked

then yesterday i managed to completely destroy my fudge during my consumers prac. every time i practised it worked out but i guess its coarse of nature for it not to work out on the day.

today is lots and los of bio studying
exam time is good time cause:
1) i fould my ipod when i cleaned my desk
2) i'm able to listen to music that i forgot i had

ohwell sshmells

[photo of the day. me and my lovely lady in grade 10.]

Sunday, August 30, 2009

got it all

lazy sunday.

but limited by having to study the whole day

i couldn't ran after berg while he was pushing mandi down the hill in a wheelbarrow
instead i was going through the human reproductive systems [male and female]

but i did manage to get all the tutus music. yay for mandi's massive cd collection

i just said goodbye to facebook for the next month
hello lots of spare time

english paper 1 and 3

{the picture didn't come out too good. i really need to get a new camera. of fix the one i have}

Saturday, August 29, 2009

.start again.

i have decided i'm gonna try re-start my blog
will probaby fail, cause exams are about to start so i will maybe be running out of time
but whatever

tonight= top night
the singer from desmond and the tutus can dance
the guitarist pulls off a mean jhonny clegg
the drummer likes his cow bells(on the computer)
and the bassest had a nice jersey
will put photos up tomorrow cause i cant find the connector cable thing now

and i'm tired

night night kids
hope you had a good dance

Monday, April 27, 2009

end of a long weekend

something i love more than life itself
the sky, and everything that comes with it

today it's the clouds

hope you had a good long weekend

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

did you?

i voted............

.................did you?

  • question: how long does the ink stay on for?
only two more days then it's weekend again.
that makes me smile :]

Sunday, April 19, 2009

had something to say

...but forgot it

thought i might just share this though:

i have come to realise that my "blog" has turned into a commentary of my friends.
this is them at their
this is why in 50 years time we're still gonna dance to New Zealanders singing in french.

had a bad day? find a friend. walk up to a resivour close to your house and talk. talking is always suprisingly good. also the walk is good for your health.

childhood memory: seeing stellenbosch autumn leaves for the first time. it was like walking onto a fairy tale.

when i was youger I never spoke. consider me the shy child. but i saw everything. i remember deatails.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

smells funny

term 2. day 8. go

today we got told to get ready for term 2. its that monster under your bed that you've always known was there.
i chose not to be afraid. well that's just me. after break time talk i find that i am the only one
i guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes of it

another thing that i've realised i should start worrying about. the dance. ?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


first blog. lets go

went to hermanus this weekend. wasn't gonna go but then decided to. good decision (pat pat)

had good times with old friends. old meaning they are the people i've been friends with for the longest. played 30 seconds. christopher revees

we were standing on the habour wall and the sea attacked us. got dreanched.
was a weekend of memories
man i'm gonna miss these girls next year

next year (excited face)