Thursday, April 29, 2010

pretty great

not gonna lie
life has been pretty great at the moment
(this is an update of whats been happening)

i have two jobs which i enjoy so making money:
job #1: tutoring a girl in grade 6, its ok. a bit of a waste of time and lucky me, i get to do Gr6 all over again. my low point is the afrikaans. there is a reason i only got a C for afrikaans for matric.

job#2: working at limecafebar.
any of you who've been to the stellenbosch market, the bar that sells cocktails and smoothies and all that. i work for them now. 2 weekends ago i went with them to the kreeffees in Lambertsbaai. so so cold. but fun. this last weekend i worked at the lourensford market. also fun. I work with interesting people and meet the strangest of people.

another reason why life is good. my friend Cornel recently told me about BRIP! (Blalock's Inde/Rock Playlist). Do yourself a favour go check it out and get lost in all the new music you can download. the mixtapes and the monthly playlists.

frances came home for 10 days, it was wonderful talking to her.
she left today. but i had the most amazing time with her the last few days.
love that child. will only see her again in December.

winter has now arrived
which means new clothes. gonna buy for myself a nice new coat

last weekend i went out to cape town for the first time
well first time properly out
so much fun
Desmond and the tutu's are hands down my favorite live band. so much energy, so much fun

i'm still in want of a new camera
would really want to buy myself one of these
but i see now the price has gone up by like R200
not cool

that's my update
song of the moment for me:
bubbles by Biffy Clyro
makes me think of James Acker and strongerthan days

Thursday, April 15, 2010


i have something exciting for everyone

new music
download this:

and then look at this:

and find the playlists and download what you can

oh my oh my
i do love having uncapped internet
thank you m web
you are my dearest dear friend

made cupcakes yesterday
but music makes it all better
seeing my frances face next week
also finished reading time travelers wife yesterday.
nice book

go out side
or read a book

Monday, April 12, 2010


here are some of the disposables:

marijke lady at ramfest

possibley all we ate at ramfest
other than a really good pizza

lazy saterday

the guy who wanted a photo with marijke and lisa

jacquie and i drove to swellendam
this is just before we went over the pass
the clouds were eating the mountain, you cant really see it in this photo
but i remember

we took a mission to koel bay
beautiful place that is

running home

i think this was the day after berg did the argus
cycler tan

my dresser table thing
i never throw things away

the newest member of our family
meet nuisance
cause thats what he is

view from one of the top rooms in dagbreek
thursday afternoons should always be like this one way

"i could've just colour photocopied these"

so that is that
stay safe

Friday, April 9, 2010

it's done

finished the disposable yesterday
really hope the photos come out right

got hit by a cd last night in bohemia
and it turns out they're not actually too bad
sound like john mayer
but distinctively South African
but still good to listen to
Dane Taylor Trio that is

my kitten had his/her (still not sure which) first encounter with rain today
quite amusing


Monday, April 5, 2010


I haven't written here for quite sometime
my bad

yesterday i started writing this blog about how i plan to spend my money.
now plans have changed

we're planning a road trip. the final destination is Eastern Cape, Coffee Bay, which is a long way away, but we're gonna make this work.
i really hope everything comes together. then life will be great.

attempt 3 at this blog:
as i was saying earlier.
we're (hopefully) gonna mission up the east coast in the June/July holidays.
with that comes one main obstacle: obtaining money
need to think of creative, safe ways to make money.

thats me for now
I'm trying to keep this thing (blog) going. Still sucks not having a camera, i do enjoy my photo taking but my newest disposable should be finish soon then I'll get those printed. And my mother dearest has been talking about getting herself a camera, that I'll borrow (adopt as my own) and start up again

the weather is bleak today
winters on its way


and i'm listening to a lot of Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
loving it
take a listen: