Monday, January 25, 2010

-so far-

new year and time to start up my blog again.
just made my way out of one of the best holidays ever. most exciting part of these holidays was that we are mostly all now legal drivers with cars. so we mission. everywhere.
here a few photo's that sum up the holidays

27th Nov 2009:
kick started with synergy
heat, dirt, music, memories
only way i could've ever wished to start

1st-5th Dec 2009:
went to hermanus for matric week.
was cold and over cast the whole week. played lots of poker and slept even more

3rd Dec 2009:
the view from the room i was sleeping in
took this as soon as i woke up
it was my 19th birthday
amazing day

8th-12th Dec 2009:
my improv trip to plett
words can not describe the time i had there

23rd Dec 2009 (i think):
cape cobras vrs lions
fun fun times.

25th Dec 2009:
Christmas, tired, full of food and over little excitable cousins

27th Dec 2009:
PBG at kirstinbosch gardens
beautiful day
lovely friends

4th Jan 2010:
went to day two of the series vrs england. long hot day but much enjoyed

7th Jan 2010:
the day we got our results.
also the day i saw maggie and marijke after their adventure to mozambique

9th Jan 2010:

we found a new place to venture to

this is my brother. whom i love. he worked all holiday and on one of his off days we went on an adventure

long street:
nero's birthday
very busy at night, but beautiful

JP...always drunk
but we love him. he makes us laugh

22nd Jan 2010

just chilling : its what we do best

23rd Jan 2010:

carnival :

small change



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