Monday, February 22, 2010


this weekend was a wonderful weekend masked by my phone being stolen.
it sucked. friday night mystics = lots of people
one of the best mystics evening's i've had in aged then BAM some person had opened my bag and taken my phone

but anyways. saterday was a hot day
i made lunch for my family. it was tastey. night time i went to the movies with my brothers and j
silly movie, had so much poentail but it ended up being lame.
we laughed

sunday was a day with friends
people that never see any more who i miss talking to
i miss familiarity and routine.
when i knew what was going on
but anyways that will return at some point.

my point is that now that my phone is gone i no longer have anything to take photos with
this makes me sad
for ramfest this weekend i want to buy myself a disposable
like with synergy
that was fun.

i'm going to bake something for marijke now


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