Saturday, March 19, 2011

in between dreams

I don't know if you remember the CD, song or artist that made you realize that there is more to music than head bobbing any money making.

for me it was Jack Johnson
and i'm not ashamed to say it
many people don't want to listen to him cause he's to plain
so much the same, all the time

but for me, when I was 15/16 years old and I heard good old Jack at friends house I was like wow.
Actually listen to what he's saying. this makes scene. I want to sing along not just because its a good catchy tune, but because I agree with what he's saying.

If you know me I'm one for stories
I have many stories where a Jack Johnson song is the soundtrack.

In between Dreams reminds me of the holiday when we visited my oldest brother for the 1st time after he'd moved out of the house.
It reminds me of worrying about finishing a 250 word English essay and complaining cause I couldn't spend the holiday with friends, I had to be with family.
It reminds me of the good times and drives I've had in the George/Knysna area.
basically, it reminds me of being 15 and simple life.

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