Thursday, June 2, 2011


Many things happen in June
[to the sounds of: Rococo  - Arcade Fire]

June used to mean the end of the middle of the year. Teachers filling your head with what seems silly and gearing up for exams. Last year June was us (South Africa) gearing up for the World Cup. 

For me, June is means touching base. The mix of the winter and the cabin fever leads to walks down many lanes of winter pasts. Old remedies to fight the cold in form of food, clothing and shelter. 

Or, exam/crunch time: what must get done before an hour of studying is done:
  • study time table (colour coordinated with weekend plans clearly marked)
  • tea
  • re arrange desk
  • fire
  • feed any animal in house
  • tea
  • computer
  • tea
  • stoke fire
  • re do study time table cause you realized missed out on a must attend event
  • save cat from amazing sleep
  • tea
  • fire
  • feed yourself
  • look at books and study for about 45mins then,
  • "i think i need more tea"
Then this amazing thing happens, well for me
among all the grumbling of cold fingers, toes and noses.
there is always that one day. The day when the sun does shine, it may be an ineffective sunshine, you'll have to stand in the "light" for about 5 minutes to feel any defrosting happen but alas. you breath the breath of mist and your face appreciated the sunshine. 

June, is when the could are at their best.
Well, the clouds the sea and the sand. 

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