Monday, June 11, 2012

weekend: work, friends, sport

This weekend:
  • Worked Friday.
  • Went to a school friend's 21st.
  • Chit chatted with my best friend from high school till the wee hours of the morning.
  • Got fed the most amazing breakfast by a younger sister. 
  • Went to a market and purchased new goods.
  • Ate myself silly at lunch.
  • Laughed at the Idols Wooden mike contestants.
  • Showed an immense amount of  patriotism while watching the rugby
  • Actually really enjoyed the rugby. 
  • Had an early night, with 7hours of sleep.
  • Worked Sunday
  • Had another amazing lunch.
  • Watched some of the tennis with a cat on my lap. 
  • Watched the Canada F1.
So basically in 3 work this weekend was work, friends, sport.
And I loved it.

new necklace and ring.

Dalla Cia wine. Simply amazing

Lunch on Saturday. 

 tennis with cat on lap

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