Tuesday, December 11, 2012

pre-holiday adventure

Holidays are almost here for me, so for a pre-holiday build up we went on a little adventure yesterday.

I've realised that under the guidance of my mother and being able to call the Winelands my home I've grown to love wine. Three years ago I would've turned my nose up most wine but no longer. I now appreciate it and I'm learning more every day. 

We started off at Tokara, headed to Vrede en Lust detoured to Franschhoek for an attempted chocolate tasting but ended up walking along the street, after that we headed back to Glenn Carlou.

Highlights of the day for me were talking about wine the whole day, olives at Tokara, lint chocolate at Vrede en Lust, the scent of lavender just before Franschhoek and the view from Glenn Carlou. As well as the general laughter and happiness of the day.

branches from the "tree" at Tokara
Tokara's  many wines
View from Glenn Carlou

I need to start a piggy bank just for wine tasting days. 

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