Sunday, October 28, 2012

Suburban War

This weekend was a fun filled one; a father son birthday party and two of my best friend's 21st, on the same evening 20km away from each other.
And I did it all, I think I deserve a self-five, if anything. 

The first 21st last night was my best friend from high school. For 5 years of our lives we were inseparable, our group was a group of 5 who laughed at anything and discovered Arcade Fire together. We disapproved of most school activities yet shouted the loudest at inter schools. We baffled our way through Maths, 1 of us attempted Science and another mastered her way through Art, we all loved Biology, 2 of us bonded during Consumer Studies, another combination of 2 essayed through History while the other 3 flew through Geography.  Now that I think about it the languages were our strong point, 2 of us took French for 2 years but our lack of interest caused us to fail, miserably, but we tried. 3 of the 5 are 1st language Afrikaans but only 1 was brave enough to take the subject, the other 4 slept or mxited our way through Afrikaans 2nd language. We were split into 3 different English classes; went through Shakespeare, Anne Frank, Lord of the Flies, that other book about the horses?, and Jane Austin. We struggled but we indirectly we loved it.  

The second 21st was someone who is currently my sister. I've got 2 older brothers and I've always wanted a sister, and now I have one, she is the joy in many people's lives and she has this amazing skill to bring light into any situation. She is a twin and her other half is currently studying up country so I've become the "step-in" sister. So much joy in one person, I am blessed. 


A song that pops to mind is Arcade Fire - Suburban War 

Let's go for a drive

See the town tonight
There's nothing to do but I'll unwind when I'm with you

This town's so strange
They built it to change
And while we're sleeping all the streets, they rearrange

And my old friends, we were so different then
Before your war against the suburbs began
Before it began

And now the music divides
Us into tribes
You grew your hair so I grew mine
They said the past won't rest
Until we jump the fence and leave it behind

And my old friends, I can remember when
You cut your hair
We never saw you again
Now the cities we live in
Could be distant stars
And I search for you
In every passing car

The nights are warm
Yeah, the nights are warm
I've been living in the shadows of your song
Living in the shadows of your

In the suburbs I, I learned to drive
People told me we would never survive
So grab your mother's keys we leave tonight

You started a war
That you can't win
They keep erasing all the streets we grew up in

Now the music divides
Us into tribes
You choose your side I'll choose my side

All my old friends, they don't know me now
All my old friends, are staring through me now
All my old friends, they don't know me now
All my old friends, they don't know me now

All my old friends, wait


So let us reflect on the past but look forward to the future,
the future may be daunting but oh my golly gosh, it is exciting. 

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