Thursday, September 3, 2009

change your mind

last 3 days = lots of writing and one mess up of a batch of fudge
my bad

on monday i was a creature from mars, my job on mars was earth-watching. i sit in my lookout station observing plant earth and its earthlings. was a fun essay to write. after that i wrote an angry, yet helpful letter to the CEO of eskom.
english paper 3 was long, but i was creative. go me

afrikaans paper 3 is not my "thing", i have learnt. it sucked

then yesterday i managed to completely destroy my fudge during my consumers prac. every time i practised it worked out but i guess its coarse of nature for it not to work out on the day.

today is lots and los of bio studying
exam time is good time cause:
1) i fould my ipod when i cleaned my desk
2) i'm able to listen to music that i forgot i had

ohwell sshmells

[photo of the day. me and my lovely lady in grade 10.]

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