Sunday, September 6, 2009


this weekend i have:
>gone to an 18th and met new people
>had a conversation with some guy who lives in china
>finished a puzzle
>listened to the rugby on the radio
>started a new puzzle
>watched a really good dvd
>played solitaire on my ipod for over an hour
>taken 'i am bored' contemporary art photos with my phone
>listened to desmond and the tutus enough that i know evey song by heart
>confused my mom by singing in afrikaans (Die Heuwels Fantasties)
>discovered cocorosie's Rainbowarriors and Werewolf
>read a few pages of my history text book
>wasted an afternoon studying for PE/LO exam

i did not:
>watch the rugby
>think about maths paper one, cause it scares me

[picture of the day: people i miss spending time with]
maggie's not in this photo, but i miss her too

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