Monday, April 5, 2010


I haven't written here for quite sometime
my bad

yesterday i started writing this blog about how i plan to spend my money.
now plans have changed

we're planning a road trip. the final destination is Eastern Cape, Coffee Bay, which is a long way away, but we're gonna make this work.
i really hope everything comes together. then life will be great.

attempt 3 at this blog:
as i was saying earlier.
we're (hopefully) gonna mission up the east coast in the June/July holidays.
with that comes one main obstacle: obtaining money
need to think of creative, safe ways to make money.

thats me for now
I'm trying to keep this thing (blog) going. Still sucks not having a camera, i do enjoy my photo taking but my newest disposable should be finish soon then I'll get those printed. And my mother dearest has been talking about getting herself a camera, that I'll borrow (adopt as my own) and start up again

the weather is bleak today
winters on its way


and i'm listening to a lot of Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
loving it
take a listen:

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