Monday, May 17, 2010

long hours

have you ever driven to Bloemfontein from strand/somerset west?
if not, its not for the faint hearted and long legged people.

we left Srand at 20 30 last Wednesday night, 13 hrs and about 5 stops later we were finally in Bloem.
why Bloem?
Limebar (events bar that I work for) were setting up station at the annual Kos en Kuier fees.
anyways we drove through Wednesday night, slowly set up on Thursday, slept, finished buying stock on Friday and opened Friday night.

 Free State people are different
just about everyone is rugby obsessed. it is not a sport, its a lifestyle
and they like their brandy and coke.

We packed up the bar late Saturday night/early Sunday morning
got back to the house where we were staying and slept like a log.
Lleft Bloem Sunday night 20 30 and arrived back home some 12hrs later.

I am forever thankful for : Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver and Balmorhea
50 songs. 3.5hrs and 457.8 MB later I survived the trip now knowing many songs off by heart.
The last time I was totally tacked aback by a band was Brand New in Gr9. They were new, for me, sound and lyrics original and every song i listened to spoke to me where i was at that time
you know what i'm saying?

The band that has hit me now is Mumfords and Sons
I cannot explain how much i love and appreciate their  music
best part of the trip was listening to their song Timshel at about 3 30 this morning
We were somewhere on the road between Bloem and home, the sky was open the stars were bright and I got lost in the song.
it was amazing.

thats me for now

song of the moment:
awake my soul - mumford and son
[In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die

Where you invest your love, you invest your life]

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