Thursday, May 20, 2010

my word

in the beginning if the year i made up my mind that i'm gonna stop going back on my word.
cause i always do
if you've been my friend for long enough you will know
i have let people down. and i hate it.

or rather its more me telling someone i'll be there or organize something and its too much out of the way for me to do so i luss it.

anyways. i had a point when i sat down to write this.
oh ya, its been working. today was the first, that i know of, that i could have gone back on my word but instead i phoned the person and told them i couldn't be there anymore.

i guess this all comes down to honesty
2010 Michelle is an honest Michelle
well i'm working hard at it

further news is that i'm jumping onto the FIFA bandwagon and I've gotten myself a job during the world cup.
Gonna, hopefully, be bar-tendering/ working behind a bar in the VIP lounges/ boxes during the games in Cape Town. Going for a one day training thing next Monday. Which also means i'm gonna be stepping out into the Cape Town world of work. Cape Town is really big and the roads are scary to drive. well at least for me
gonna have to get out of my pond someday and swim in the sea I guess
(i.e: get out of my comfort zone. cause i'm very cozy comfortable at the moment.)

thats me
i think its time for me to buy a new disposable again
i'm in a photo taking mood


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