Thursday, July 15, 2010


went away for a week
it was eventful
a speeding and a parking fine later I'm back home and I've learnt a bit more about life
it always teaches you new things

the main thing
males are never what you think they are
sounds dumb and a child like thing to say
but at the age of 19 I'm still shocked and scared to shivers sometimes

here are more pictures from my latest disposable
i'm in two minds about it.
light got into the film and messed up most of the pictures. but actually there are some real good ones

my English is deteriorating

11 June 2010
feel it, it is here
in a hurry to watch the opening
we missed it

the story behind this photo:
Michael and Andrew became friends when they were in grade8, their mothers would take them on bodyboarding missions in these two cars (the landy and the golf) for many years before they are old enough to get their own drivers and use their mothers cars. Michael's sister, Marijke, and Andrew's sister, Michelle, become friends. A few years down the line we get our drivers and start missioning around in our mothers cars.

we are the next generation siblings

the bliss before the storm
amazing weekend in hermanus
[i like rocks]

the kitchen 

possibly my favorite of the lot

mia's 19th
i love and miss these ladies
break time conversations got me through alot

also one of my favorites
misty strand in June
they swam

now I need to sought out my LIFE
its a bit of a mess
song i'm loving at the moment: Billionaire by Travis Mccoy and Bruno Mars
wow it makes me smile

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