Friday, February 25, 2011

Heading into the inter web

Hello all

Because I can find that I could be annoying on Facebook with my constant mobile uploads and too many status updates I’ve decided to try make this blogging thing a more permanent thing.
It’s going to be simple.

Just a few photos, mostly taken off my blackberry so it not about quality, food (cause I’m an inspiring foodie) music, movies, events and happenings.

I have a few little ideas about interesting posts; like a “then and now” series covering all the talented people I know. Where they’ve come from and where they are now. But that will only come around in a bit.
For now I’m just reintroducing myself to the blogging world.

If you  have time, please go through some of my older posts, I'm pretty proud of my disposable films from last year

So hello interweb

I’m a young one.

And this is youngonelives.

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