Monday, May 14, 2012


I finally had a decent weekend
Was my 1st free Saturday in ever so long and I planned to spend most of the day tucked in under a blanket reading, but the weather said otherwise, it was an amazing day.

So out of the bed for me.
We rocked up at the stb flying club to find the ruins of a 4yr old birthday party. Which included not one but two jumping castles, never mind that we're 21 and 23yrs old. We had a blast.

One of the great things of my life is that my dad is a pilot so he took us all for a quick flip on Saturday afternoon, the sad thing is that my phone decided to go bye bye so there are no pictures.
Next time. 

On Saturday night we headed over to the Hidden Cellar to watch Mister & Misread , Lua Union and Beach Party
fun was had.
photos are not that great 
but here are 3

Sunday was Mothers Day
I have the best mother in the world FACT
So we took her out to lunch and it was wonderful. 
Gourmet burger in my belly.

So that was basically that.
 I love the month on May.

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