Wednesday, September 26, 2012

buttered toast

happiness is made of, just the basics in life; family, friends, food.

With a weekend full of activities and adventures I learnt a few valuable lessons, those lessons you learn once in a while and hope you don’t forget but as sure as sunshine you do.
  • ·   Firstly, every female needs a good pair of black heels; don’t buy them for an occasion, but them for you.
  • ·   Secondly, no matter what, in any situation or moment, having to counteract an argument or reply to a simple statement, be a lady. Be graceful, honest and for the love of buttered toast, think before you speak.
  • ·   Next, although your siblings have known you for the longest time, since birth, they don’t always know you. Sometimes your siblings don’t know what’s best.
  • ·   You don’t need to be everyone’s cup of tea.

·         Simplicity is key, to most things in life.  

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