Saturday, October 20, 2012

snowy Saturday rambles

Hello dear people of the interwebs,

Firstly do yourself a favour and head over [here]
That is where you can download an album from Juke Royal. I only discovered them in the last week and I'm really enjoying their music.

Watched an interesting movie last night with a group of friends called An Invisible Sign, it's about a young girl who's father falls ill and she takes it upon herself to make him "feel" better. Throughout the movie the colours really stood out for me. If you've watched Mozart and the Whale and enjoyed it then you should like this movie.


I just found this
Go get a few hugs


and my latest playlist.

Youth De Freitas                                              Al Bairre
The Suburbs                                                    Arcade Fire
Suburban War                                                  Arcade Fire
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)          Arcade Fire
Real Talk                                                        Bloc Party
Kettling                                                           Bloc Party
Sunday In New                                                Bobby Darin
Gyp The Cat                                                   Bobby Darin
Look Up                                                         Bradley Hathaway
The Hazards of Love III (Revenge!)                 The Decemberists
Swim Until You Can't See Land                        Frightened Rabbit
Falling Slowly                                                  Glen Hansard (Once)
Generator first floo                                           Glen Hartmann
Sea And The Rhythm                                       Iron And Wine
Naked As We Came                                         Iron and Wine
The Age of Worry                                            John Mayer
Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967       John Mayer
Autumn                                                           Matthew Mole
It's Simple, Child.                                             Matthew Mole
You Dare Not Run From The Whale                  Matthew Mole
Infinite Land                                                     Matthew Mole
I Am A Rock                                                    Simon And Garfunkel

Hope this weekend treats you all well

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