Monday, April 12, 2010


here are some of the disposables:

marijke lady at ramfest

possibley all we ate at ramfest
other than a really good pizza

lazy saterday

the guy who wanted a photo with marijke and lisa

jacquie and i drove to swellendam
this is just before we went over the pass
the clouds were eating the mountain, you cant really see it in this photo
but i remember

we took a mission to koel bay
beautiful place that is

running home

i think this was the day after berg did the argus
cycler tan

my dresser table thing
i never throw things away

the newest member of our family
meet nuisance
cause thats what he is

view from one of the top rooms in dagbreek
thursday afternoons should always be like this one way

"i could've just colour photocopied these"

so that is that
stay safe

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