Thursday, April 7, 2011

.breathsighbreath. and laugh.

 this was written by a very good friend of mine
it made me cry from happiness cause i think i know 

but i do
cause we know
(loving inside jokes on the interweb right now)

it must be hard to breath in your bubble
i know it’s hard in mine.
(the silence will floor you, silence will roar
as we sigh to be angels and soar
we’re nothing by the laws of the universe
but wisps of air and life,
full of nothing and going nowhere.
(tiny bubbles manage better
in the whirlpool of god’s emptying bathtub
than we do
alone in our fishbowls
of glass and iron.)

i am thanking you my lady cause this means so much to me
(i read this just after i replied to your mail this morning)
you , offically, just "talkedwithme"
and i. youngone, love you


1 comment:

  1. M

    i almost cried. thank you for liking this enough to share.

    missing you greatly.