Friday, July 8, 2011

.look, stop, take a breath.

Finally on holiday

and first stop
why of coarse, the beach

no waves for the brother
but plenty much needed sunshine for me.

Went dinner at Yamas in Somerset West
Greek food yes please!
And as always a song
kid - brazos

look at us in the morning too tired to get a shirt on too tired to get a raise
listen up car, start, get ready to go
put me on your shoulder take me where you want
like "oh my god i'm here, i'm not"
we used to build cities out of old plastic blocks
and at the end of the day
we'd tear them down for fun
now we've got to build a solid structure to stand on
and i am your second skin
now we've got a second set of teeth to take care of

i am the strapping young son in the second grade
i'm here to take from you your thoughts
my teachers think i'm quiet cause i do everything they say
they talk; i play with puppets by myself in my back yard
while the other kids tramp through the woods,toy guns around their arms
ask yourself, ask yourself and i know you'll come up dry
when i still wake you up at three AM for no reason
i am your second skin

look, stop, take a breath
my mother says
don't forget to turn the light off when you leave a room, son
no, I'm not done yet, there's wet paint upon my hands
i'm here to take from you your thoughts
and I shall never finish up
i'll make myself no man
weekend time.x. 

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