Tuesday, July 12, 2011

on the road

This year has turned into a road of discovery.

When we lived in Joburg I was nicely unaware of anything but always questioned, never asked why because that didn't seem like the right question, but rather why not. or I didn't say anything.

My dream and everything was to be my mother which included me hardly ever leaving her side or sight. If it was now you could have called me an attachment to my mothers leg. On certain days if anyone tried to touch or even look at me they would get a look down by me and I'd gab onto her. My favourite was her skirts, they seemed the best to hide behind. Then came trying to get me to go to pre school, had to be ushered into that, without my knowledge of course I got a sweet when I'd finished crying. So soon the crying stopped and school started.

From then on I think I was quite the happy child.
My next question, to my mother: "What music did you listen to when you were little?"
I think I was about 7 or 8 when this ground breaking question was asked. Only to be completely confused by the answer of "I don't know" or "we didn't". That was confusion.
But as persistent as an only daughter can be I asked on and got an answer:


Which was basically everything my dad had played for us but in a females voice. and ba bang, I started to sing along. Well, that is the time frame I remember.
Right now on track 9 - Lily, Rosemary & The Jack of Hearts.

Reminds me of our old curtains or where our couches used to be. Or our lounge to be precise and the the smell of dust, but I think that might be because of the CD player that we used. This might have also started my love for playing card games,  butterflies and the constant nag I have to make sure that everyone else is alright. 

"no nothing could ever come between the Lily and her Jack of Hearts"
Rosemary did not make it to the end of the song. Listening to it now again this is a very bleak song.
Didn't seem to worry me cause it was a good skipping or spinning song.
ok. the song is almost 9minutes long. There is possibility that I stopped listening to the verse and only sang a long to the chorus.

next on the list is:

I remember being like wait I know this. Where are the words. Why are there no worlds, what are the words?
Then the annoying air pipe things would irritate me so the first song was never listened to. One of the reasons why I'm very picky over who does a Simon and Garfunkel cover, it can be done very badly. I think I made a point of never putting this CD in. Or I'd skip to track 3. Wake up Little Susie.

[I should add here that our kitten/now teenager cat has taken it upon himself to be the defender of our house, cat fight happening right now]

From there on I learnt every word or the tune really well. Right now its reminding me of when I did pilates which usually turned into me attempting not to laugh while finding my inner core muscles cause Celtic music can get very repetitive.

enough of that

the next CD I found this morning was:

I have never seen West Side Story. I'm not too sure I even know the actual Story but I know the music.
I'm going to say that this lead me straight into my love for swing music. And the fashion and everything that goes into it. And now that I've googled it I see that the music has been everywhere.

Which reminded me of this movie

while feeling pretty and witty funny and ....

hope everyone has a happy week

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