Friday, July 29, 2011

a Mr Somebody.

The movie Mr Nobody got me thinking.

I've rediscovered my emotions. Went through a stage when I had just about none. Most importantly I've found the things that really make me upset.

On that note, I'm not one for a pity party and there are many things I miss, and I've realised (being the year of many realisations) that I'm the one who put myself on this constant road of discovery so I have to make the most of it.

Saying bye bye to July now. You were a really nice month a little bit strange for me because you were completely unplanned but still, had a good time.

When we were with family during the holiday we spent the one evening watching this man and his team do musical masterly on the stage. Falling asleep listening to this. Then waking up the next morning to a puppy biting my toes off. 

So basically I'm loving old talent and old people at the moment.
The word I'm going for is respect. 
Have a jolly weekend everyone
next Monday
new month!

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