Monday, August 6, 2012

so much live aewsomeness.

Klein Libertas and I have years of history.

I started going there about 5 years ago when my brother's 1st band Stronger Than made a lot of noise,I was proud member of the sibling gang who followed them around. 

Through the years Klien Lib brought along many Pretty Blue Guns, The Lottery Tickets, Barkley Blazer and This Quilt memories and introduced me to many new bands, friends and faces. 

Last week Wednesday night Sons of Settlers, Holiday Murray and Jeremy Loops graced us with their presences and killed us with their talent. Like wow. 

Here are a few photos I took with my blackberry.
Therefore the quality is not that amazing. 

Sons of Settlers

Holiday Murray

Jeremy Loops

 At this point I'd lost my spot in the front so for Jeremy Loops I saw the back of peoples heads.
Still sounded amazing!

An amazing evening.
A very BIG thank you to everyone involved in making it happen, you've got this youngone excited about local music again. 

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